Celebrate the day you went vegan!

“Wow, what took me so long?”

This, or a sentence very similar, has pretty much been uttered by every vegan, anywhere in the world.

But the folks at Veganniversary decided to turn that on it’s head, and want us all to celebrate the day we became vegan, rather than commiserate the length of time it took us to make the switch.

Veganniversary.net uses Facebook to help friends celebrate veganniversaries. It’s a very simple website created by a vegan developer and includes special veganniversary card images created by Evolve! Campaigns that you can send to a friend.

Happy Veganniversary

It is free and shows you exactly how long you’ve been vegan, as well as the upcoming veganniversaries of your Facebook friends. And just like Facebook does with birthdays, it notifies you when your friends’ veganniversaries come up. It also celebrates the 1-month, 3-month and 6-month anniversaries of newer vegans.

Currently you need a Facebook account to set it up, and plans to extend it to Twitter and other networks are also on the cards.

Sound fun? Get on over to Veganniversary.net and set yours up today!

Team Veganuary are crossing fingers that there’ll be a recurring theme when it comes to the date… 1 January 🙂

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