12 Best Vegan Easter Eggs (UK)

You can still enjoy your favourite Easter treats as a vegan! Here are the best vegan Easter eggs for 2024.

Vegan Easter Eggs 2023

Calling all chocolate lovers: you don’t have to miss out on sweet treats at Easter!

Our favourite traditions don’t need to involve cruelty to animals and we can still celebrate Easter without dairy and eggs. There are plenty of vegan Easter eggs to suit every palate, from decadent dark chocolate to smooth and creamy milk chocolate alternatives.  

As well as vegan brands expanding their offerings, supermarkets and retailers are hopping on the growth of veganism. So, read our guide and get stocked up on these egg-citing treats. You can thank us later! 

1. Wicked Kitchen

Just when we thought Wicked Kitchen’s vegan range couldn’t get any better, they’ve only gone and launched Easter eggs in Poppin’ Candy Orange and Salted Caramel flavours.

If you like chocolate with a zingy twist, these are for you.

Available at Tesco – Priced at £5

Wicked Kitchen Poppin Orange vegan egg
Image Credit: Wicked Kitchen

2. Nomo  

The chocolate gods have truly blessed us, as Nomo’s Easter range just keeps getting better.

There are five dreamy eggs to choose from this year: Caramel, Cookie Dough Crunch, Caramelised Biscuit, Creamy Choc and Orange Crunch. 

Not only are they delicious and delightfully creamy, they’re free from nuts and gluten for those with allergies and intolerances. Each egg comes with a bar too winner!

Available at most UK supermarkets – Prices start from £6 

Nomo Caramelised Biscuit Free-From Easter Egg
Image Credit: Nomo

3. Moo Free 

If you’re after free-from Easter eggs that are cluckin’ delicious, check out Moo Free’s Easter range.  Their organic ‘milk’ chocolate is made with UTZ-certified cocoa to support sustainable farming methods.

Free from gluten and soya, these eggs make sure everyone is included in Easter festivities. Choose from an array of flavours, including Fizzy Orange Chocolate, Honeycomb, Choccy Eggsplosion, White Chocolate Fizzy Lemon and ‘Milk’ Chocolate.

Available at most UK supermarkets – Prices start from £4.50 

Moo Free Eggsplosion
Image Credit: Moo Free

4. Hotel Chocolat 

No one does luxury chocolate quite like Hotel Chocolat and we’re hopping with excitement over their vegan Easter egg range.

For a truly decadent treat, check out the vegan Ostrich Easter Egg – a gargantuan egg made from smooth, dairy-free milk chocolate accompanied by a collection of 20 Unbelievably Vegan truffles.

You can also choose from the Extra Thick Vegan Easter Egg, Mint Dark Chocolate or Ginger Dark Chocolate to get your tastebuds excited this year.

Available at Hotel Chocolat – Prices start from £15

Ostrich vegan Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat
Image Credit: Hotel Chocolat

5. Tesco  

You can always rely on Tesco to provide tasty vegan treats! If you fancy a change from traditional chocolate, tuck into their Cluckie The Chocolate Chick and White Chocolate Crunch eggs.

Prices start at £4.50

Tesco Free From Cluckie Egg
Image Credit: Tesco

6. Asda 

On the hunt for some budget-friendly vegan eggs to celebrate this Easter? Asda have you covered with their impressive range of delights, including the Marble Choc Easter Egg, Extra Special Easter Egg Selection, Extra Special Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Flavour Truffle and White Chocolate Easter Egg with Buttons.

Prices start from £3.50

Asda Vegan Chocolate Egg
Image Credit: Asda

7. Butterm!lk  

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Butterm!lk’s vegan and gluten-free Easter eggs. These pleasingly thick, creamy eggs are available in four flavours: Chocolate, Zingy Orange Crisp, Honeycomb Blast and Salted Caramel. Can’t choose between them? Go for all of them!

Available at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Holland & Barrett and their website – £6.00 

Honeycomb Blast Easter egg
Image Credit: Buttermilk

8. Booja-Booja 

Push the boat out this year with Booja-Booja’s luxurious vegan Easter eggs. These gorgeous, hand-painted eggs are chock-full of organic chocolate truffles, making them a must-try. 

Choose from Hazelnut Crunch, Honeycomb Caramel, Chocolate Orange, Salted Caramel and Fine De Champagne flavours.  

Available at independent stockists – Prices start from £9.99 

Booja Booja Easter Eggs
Image Credit: Booja-Booja

9. H!p

Oat milk chocolate is here and it’s delicious! Treat yourself to H!P’s range of eggs this year. Choose from Salted Caramel, Cookies No Cream and Salty Pretzel flavours.

Complete with plastic-free packaging and sourced from a slave-free supply chain, H!P chocolate is a great option for those looking for ethical Easter goodies.

Available at their website – Priced at £10

Image Credit: H!P

10. Montezuma’s

Enjoy your Spring egg-stravaganza with the dairy-free Easter egg range from Montezuma’s. From their Dark Chocolate Giant Egg to the adorable chocolate chicks, there’s a treat for everyone here.

Available at their website – Prices start from £6

Montezuma's Dairy-Free Egg
Image Credit: Montezuma’s

11. Happi

Even more oat milk chocolate goodness is on the menu for Easter thanks to Happi.

Their range of dairy-free chocolate eggs includes Oat Milk Chocolate, Orange, Salted Caramel and White Raspberry flavours. Yum!

Available at Happi’s website – Priced at £12

Happi eggs
Image Credit: Happi

12. Chococo

If you’re looking for some truly egg-cellent vegan Easter goodies, try Chococo’s selection of oat milk treats. They’re not only vegan, they’re also soya-free and don’t contain plastic packaging.

Choose from the Oat M!lk Earth Egg, Chocolate Bunny, Easter Giftbag and Chocolate Hamper.

Available at their website – Prices start from £8.50

Chococo Oat Milk Egg
Image Credit: Chococo

With all these treats available, there’s no reason not to have a vegan Easter!

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