Eco Friendly Ways to Enjoy Yourself This Autumn

We’ve come up with our favourite autumn activities that happen to be kind to the planet too: they’re all affordable (or free) and guaranteed to make you feel good!


The weather’s turning cooler, the days are getting shorter, and it’s tempting to just curl up on the sofa with a box set at the end of a long day. While there’s nothing wrong with a good old binge-watching session on a chilly evening, getting outside will make you feel great – and, if the weather’s awful, so will spending a cosy day indoors cooking up a vegan storm or getting stuck into some recycled crafts.

A Beach or Park Clean-Up


Grab a friend and go for a walk with purpose: bring a couple of bags with you and head to a local beach or park for an impromptu litter pick. It might seem like a small thing, but every piece of plastic rubbish you take away from the beach is one less piece of plastic that’ll end up in the ocean or being eaten by animals.

Cook a Vegan Meal


If the weather’s bad, taking the time to cook a tasty meal from scratch is a great way to spend a Saturday. Plan something delicious, invite some friends round and enjoy the art of cooking: there’s something immensely satisfying about getting stuck into a new recipe and feeding people you love. It’s also a great way to show non-vegan friends how delicious vegan food can be!

Get Crafty – The Eco-Friendly Way



Give your living room an autumnal update by turning old t-shirts and shirts into cosy cushion covers: it doesn’t require much sewing know-how and you can do it in an afternoon, so you’ll have something to show for your efforts right away! If you’ve got more time, create a hanging herb garden – you’ll never need to buy packaged herbs again and it’s great for your mental wellbeing to have plants growing in your living space.

Try Vegan Baking


Baking is a classic autumn activity and perfect for a rainy day. There’s a vegan version for pretty much every non-vegan treat out there: think of your favourite, find a recipe online (vegan doughnuts anyone?) and give it a go!

Go Apple Picking


Picking your own fruit cuts down on food miles, and if you find a tree in someone’s garden (ask first, of course) or on an organic farm, you can be sure that no pesticides have been used in the process. Want extra green bonus points? Use a food-sharing app like Olio and find someone near you who’s got a surplus of fruit or veg in their garden or allotments. You’ll eliminate food waste and get some tasty fruit or veg into the bargain!

While you’re snuggled up on the sofa enjoying your vegan baking, sign up for Veganuary or share the website with a friend! Going vegan is one of the best things you can do for the planet – and your health – and we’ll provide all the support you need during the process.

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