Vegan Chicken Alternatives in Restaurants (UK)

Looking for vegan chicken alternatives? There are plenty of cluckin’ tasty dishes available at UK restaurants.

Restaurant setting
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As veganism becomes more popular, high-street chains and independent restaurants are expanding their plant-powered options. You’ll even find countless vegan chicken alternatives at your local supermarkets too!

It’s never been easier to get your fried chicken fix or find protein-packed wraps on a vegan diet. Our Choose Chicken-Free campaign is all about highlighting the delicious plant-based alternatives out there.

So, if you’re not sure where to find vegan chicken substitutes on restaurant menus in the UK, check out our guide.

Burger King

  • Vegan Chicken Royale – Burger King’s classic Royale has been given a vegan makeover and it’s just as tasty as the original! The burger features a crispy vegan patty topped with vegan mayo. It’s Vegan Society Approved, which means it’s cooked separately from non-vegan items on the menu.
  • Vegan Nuggets – These impressive meatless nuggets are Vegan Society Approved and available in a box of 6, 9 or 20 pieces.
Burger King Vegan Chicken Nuggets
Image Credit: Burger King


  • Vegan Nuggets – As well as the array of vegan pizzas at Domino’s, you can treat yourself to the vegan chicken nuggets too. These crispy, southern-fried nuggets make the perfect side dish and we’re sure you’ll savour every bite.
Domino's Chick-Ain't Pizza & Vegan Nuggets
Image Credit: Domino’s

Papa John’s

Not-Chicken Vegan Bites – Although Papa John’s offer an impressive range of vegan pizza, they don’t have chicken-style option (yet). Try their Not-Chicken Vegan Bites – they’re deliciously crispy and dangerously more-ish.

Papa John's Vegan Chicken Options
Image Credit: Papa John’s

Pizza Hut

  • Vegan Southern-Fried Nuggets – Got a craving for nuggets you just can’t curb? Feast your eyes on Pizza Hut’s southern fried Vegan Nuggets. The crispy skin and meat-like texture make these perfect for sharing with non-vegan friends or family.
Pizza Hut Nuggets
Image Credit: Pizza Hut


  • Original Recipe Vegan Burger Enjoy KFC’s iconic finger-lickin’ flavour but without the cruelty! Made with a Quorn vegan chicken fillet, it’s an alternative you need to try. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available as a meal as the fries aren’t vegan-friendly.
KFC Vegan Chicken Burger
Image Credit: KFC


  • Vegatsu – One of Wagamama’s most popular dishes has been veganised! This curry dish includes tofu and soya protein coated in panko breadcrumbs and katsu curry sauce. Also available as a spicy option.
  • Bang Bang Cauliflower – If you’re not a fan of mock meats, try this deliciously crispy, wok-fried cauliflower as an alternative to chicken wings. It’s coated firecracker sauce too.
  • Shu’s Shiok Jackfruit – In this fragrant dish, turmeric and ginger marinated jackfruit replaces chicken.
  • Teriyaki Vegan Chicken – Those who love ramen are sure to enjoy this plant-based chicken alternative and udon noodles covered in spicy teriyaki sauce.
Vegatsu at Wagamama
Image Credit: Wagamama

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