Best Vegan Pizzas on the UK High Street

Plant-based pizza is now widely available at some of the UK’s most popular restaurants!

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There has been a long-awaited vegan cheese boom across the UK in recent years. This, coupled with the huge increase in people trying Veganuary, has seen more people looking for familiar naughty treats such as easily accessible vegan pizzas.

So…what are the vegan pizza options on the high street and where can you find them?

1. Papa John’s

Vegan pizza takeaway options are getting better and better in the UK and Papa John’s are definitely leading the way. They currently have five plant-based pizzas on the menu:

  • Vegan Garden Party (wheat-free available)
  • Vegan BBQ “Chicken”
  • Vegan Cheese & Tomato (wheat-free available)
  • The Vegan Works
  • Jackfruit “Pepperoni”

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Papa John's Vegan Pepperoni Pizza
Image Credit: Papa John’s

2. Domino’s

There are four vegan pizzas on the menu at Domino’s, all in either Classic Crust or Italian Style Crust:

  • Plant-Based American Hot
  • Plant-Based Peppy-roni
  • Plant-Based Margheri-tastic
  • Plant-Based Veg Supreme

The plant-based pizzas are complete with delicious dairy-free cheese and vegan garlic dip too, which means you don’t have to miss out on any of the Domino’s experience. Yum!

Discover the full range of plant-based options in our Domino’s restaurant guide.

Domino's Vegan PepperoNAY Pizza
Image Credit: Domino’s

3. Pizza Hut

If your childhood included going to kids’ parties at the ‘Hut, you may have been disappointed with the sad notion of only eating at the salad bar as a vegan.

But fear not! Pizza Hut have several plant-based pizzas at their dine-in restaurants:

  • Vegan Beyond Pepperoni® Feast
  • Vegan Veggie
  • Vegan Hot ’N’ Spicy Veg
  • Vegan Margherita

Check out the full vegan menu at Pizza Hut in our guide.

Vegan pepperoni pizza at Pizza Hut
Image Credit: Pizza Hut

4. Pizza Express

There’s so much to choose from at Pizza Express, which is ideal for those looking for meat alternatives as well as lighter, veggie-topped pizzas. Most of the options also have a gluten-free alternative available.

Romana Pizzas:

  • Vegan Funghi di Bosco
  • Vegan ad Astra
  • Vegan Padance

Classic Pizzas:

  • Vegan Margherita
  • Sloppy Vegan
  • Vegan Giardiniera

Leggera Pizzas (salad in the middle):

  • Leggera Vegan Giardiniera

Here’s a our complete guide to eating vegan at Pizza Express.

Pizza Express Vegan Pizza
Image Credit: Pizza Express

5. Zizzi

All hail the first chain to offer vegan pizzas on the high street that include mozzarella! Zizzi currently have two pizzas made with their own brown rice-based Mozzarisella, which is a creamy and melty cheese. Enjoy it slathered on a Rustica Fable Shiitake ‘Shroom or Non-Gluten Vegan Margherita.

Here’s our complete guide to eating vegan at Zizzi.

Zizzi Vegan Rustica Hot & Spicy Jackfruit Pizza
Image Credit: Zizzi

6. ASK Italian

There are two plant-powered pizzas on the menu at ASK Italian, which are location dependent:

  • No’Duja Vegana
  • Vegan Margherita

They also have plenty of other vegan options which you can find in our ASK Italian guide.

Ask Italian Vegan Pizza
Image Credit: Ask Italian

7. Bella Italia

If you’re feeling hungry, head over to Bella Italia, where you have the choice of four vegan pizzas:

  • Vegan Margherita (GF available)
  • Vegan Pepperoni
  • Vegan Vegetariana

They also have the option to add extra toppings, including vegan chicken and pepperoni.

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Bella Italia Heat No Meat Pizza
Image credit: Bella Italia

So, now you know the best pizza options on the high street. The question is – which one will you try first?

Thinking of trying vegan?

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