The Best Accidentally Vegan Sweets for Trick or Treaters in the UK

Halloween is becoming an increasingly popular celebration in the UK – ask any child and they’ll be super keen to go trick or treating on 31 October!


Fortunately for us vegans, there are plenty of sweets available that contain zero animal-derived ingredients, so nobody needs to miss out on the fun. Whether you just want to hand out some treats to spooky visitors on Halloween, or you need to provide your own children with some vegan goodies, we’ve compiled a list of the top accidentally vegan sweets for trick or treaters.



Tasting the rainbow can be guilt-free this Halloween, as all flavours of Skittles are now vegan! Top tip: you can often buy treat sized multipacks in discount stores, making them an affordable and perfectly sized treat for little monsters.



Another childhood favourite, Starburst in the UK are also accidentally vegan, and as they’re individually wrapped it’s easy to dish out a sharing bag between several trick or treaters (plus you can eat any ‘leftovers’ at the end of the night – result!). However, in the US Starburst sweets still contain gelatine.



Possibly the chewiest sweet known to mankind, most flavours of Millions are accidentally vegan (not including Chocolate Strawberry) and available in single size portions in supermarkets.


Love Hearts

Halloween might not exactly be a romantic celebration, but who doesn’t love a Love Heart? Thankfully, this classic candy is also vegan and available almost everywhere!


Jelly Tots

Now these take us back! Luckily, they’re vegan too so go ahead and take that trip down Memory Lane.


M&S veggie Colin the Caterpillar

Unfortunately, none of the high street chain’s Percy Pig range is vegan, but similar line Colin the Caterpillar has two cruelty free options: veggie Fizzy Rainbows and Fruit Sours.

Most supermarkets also stock own-brand accidentally vegan treats. Just be sure to check the label for any obvious non-vegan ingredients like gelatine, or other animal based ingredients disguised in the form of E numbers.

There are also several independent vegan brands available from health food shops, or for less sugary options brands such as Nakd and Bear offer sweet treats made with natural ingredients.

A handy tip for parents of young vegan children who want to go trick or treating is to tell them the Switch Witch can swap their non-vegan sweets for plant-based alternatives. The Switch Witch can then donate the animal-based sweets to those who aren’t vegan. Or if you know your neighbours well, you could perhaps provide them with some vegan sweets to sneak into your little one’s pumpkin/ghost/spider themed bag when they knock on the door.

For more information about accidentally vegan products, read Veganuary’s handy checklist. Happy Halloween, and safe trick or treating!


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