10 Vegan Pie Recipes to Stay Cosy This Winter

When the weather turns cold, nothing warms you up faster than a hearty pie. If you’re looking for meat-free alternatives to British classics like shepherd’s pie or new ways to mix up your Sunday dinner, you’ve come to the right place.

You don’t need to be a pro in the kitchen to prepare the perfect pie, either. It’s easy to find ready-made vegan puff pastry in the supermarket if you don’t fancy making it from scratch.

Get comfortable and tuck into 10 of our favourite vegan pie recipes to see you through the cosy season.

1. Lentil and Mushroom Pie

Here’s a savoury plant-based pie that will warm you from the inside out. The mushrooms and protein-packed lentils come together to create a delicious filling, but the best part is the flaky golden crust (obviously).

This is a versatile family-friendly dish that uses simple ingredients. Enjoy it with a generous serving of gravy.

Lentil & Mushroom Pie
Image Credit: Free Spirited Kitchen

2. Chick’n and Leek Pie

If chicken pie was your go-to comfort dish, this vegan version is a tasty twist on the original. Just use your preferred chicken alternative and you won’t even notice the difference.

This is a great dish for those who want to cut down on meat consumption without sacrificing family favourites. Only eight ingredients are needed to make this fuss-free hearty pie, including store-bought pastry.

Vegan chicken and leek pie
Image Credit: AdobeStock

3. Shepherd’s Pie

No British winter is complete without a cosy shepherd’s pie! In this meatless version, lentils replace mince and you won’t believe how good it is.

Loaded with lentils, mushrooms, carrots and peas, it’s full of plant-powered flavour and is sure to be a hit with the whole family. The fluffy mash topping alone will have everyone coming back for seconds.

Vegan shepherd's pie. Potatoes, lentils and seasonal garden vegetables casserole.

4. Curry Pies

Why not spice up your weeknight dinners with gluten-free and vegan curry pies by So Vegan? These meat-free masterpieces are the ultimate antidote to chilly days.

The seasoned chunky veggies and deliciously crispy pastry make a cracking combo, especially if you have a taste for savoury food. Serve these up with chunky chips and peas. Why not try these homemade sweet potato fries?

So Vegan Curry Pie
Image Credit: So Vegan

5. Miso Sweet Potato Pie

Looking for something different to your everyday pie? You’ll be impressed with Wicked Kitchen’s miso sweet potato pie with crispy onion crust. This make-ahead recipe is ideal for special occasions like Christmas or family get-togethers.

Offering a combination of sweet and savoury, this pie will warm the hearts of your loved ones, whether they’re vegan or not.

Vegan Miso Sweet Potato Pie with a Crispy Onion Crust
Image Credit: Derek Sarno / Wicked Kitchen

6. Big Puff Pie

This quinoa cottage pie is another creative spin on a beloved British dish. You may think quinoa has no place in a cottage pie, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how robust the flavours are (thanks to the porcini).

And the revolutionary recipe doesn’t stop there. Instead of using cream or butter to make the traditional mash topping, try whipping up some chestnut puree for a touch of nutty sweetness.

Quinoa cottage pie

7. Chestnut Cranberry Pie

Searching for a show-stopping Christmas canape, starter or main? The winter season calls for festive flavours like chestnut and cranberry, making these pies by The Vegan Chef School a must-try.

The rich filling consists of seasonal superstars with a flaky pastry to top it all off. Serve piping hot with lashings of gravy, or at room temperature with a dollop of cranberry sauce.

Chestnut Cranberry Pie by Elisa Mendes, The Vegan Chef School
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

8. Big Puff Pie

When you’re in the mood for a wholesome Sunday lunch, this is the vegan pie to make. The ready-made puff pastry makes this an easy recipe to enjoy at the weekend – think of it as a stew with a pastry hat!

While the pastry cooks in the oven, prepare the veggie filling on the stove. Assemble it and serve it with creamy mash and roast veggies of your choice.

Vegan big puff pie
Image Credit: Jane Easton

9. Mince and Onion Pie

Bring the pub classics to your kitchen with this versatile recipe by Yorkshire Vegan. Soya mince replaces meat in this heavenly homemade mince and onion pie, and only a few kitchen staples are needed.

This pie should be eaten with thick-cut chips, gravy and veg for an epic vegan Sunday lunch.

Vegan mince and onion pie
Image Credit: Yorkshire Vegan

10. Celebration Pie

Indulge in a slice of vegan decadence with this festive celebration pie by Soy Division Glasgow. Special occasions call for a dish that pulls out all the stops, and this recipe doesn’t disappoint.

The golden crust encases a medley of mushrooms, dried cranberries, nuts, leeks and other winter flavours to create an unforgettable plant-based pie. Elevate your next dinner and treat your guests to a taste of celebration in every slice.

Celebration Pie
Image Credit: Soy Division Glasgow

Did these vegan pie recipes leave you feeling hungry for more? Explore more autumn meal ideas.

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