We’ve always been passionate about bringing vegan goodness to our customers; products which are not only good for you, good for the planet, but good for the soul. We were the first on the high street to launch a vegan ‘cheese’ toastie, which remains a firm favourite!

With over 40 vegan menu items to choose from, from toasties and healthpots, to sweet treats and vegan protein shakes, we are making sure that plant-based food and drink is accessible to all (for Veganuary and beyond)!

Check out our menu options below.


  • Fruit salad – A selection of fresh seasonal fruit
  • Coconut & chia overnight oats – Coconut milk, apple juice, gluten free oats, grated apples, figs, toasted coconut flakes, desiccated coconut, pumpkin & chia seeds
  • Avocado & goji berry chutney bagel – Avocado & goji berry chutney on a multigrain bagel
  • Oat milk porridge – Organic jumbo oats with oat milk. With 7 free toppings to choose from
  • Acai bowl – Acai served with granola, fresh blueberries & banana


  • Avocado & red pepper tapenade wrap – Avocado, red pepper tapenade, cucumber, red pepper, mixed leaves, & toasted seeds in a spinach tortilla wrap
  • Falafel & houmous wrap – Houmous, herby falafel, grated carrot, fresh herbs & mixed leaf on a multigrain tortilla wrap
  • Vegan ‘cheese’ & red pepper sourdough spelt toastie – Sourdough spelt toastie with vegan smoked gouda-style ‘cheese’, red pepper tapenade, fire roasted red peppers & rocket
  • Vitality mezze salad box – Falafel, houmous, aubergine tapenade, quinoa & chickpeas, pomegranate, mint & pumpkin seeds
  • Spiced Chickpea salad box – Spiced cauliflower & basmati rice, lentils, spiced chickpeas, slaw, pickled red onions, coriander & tamarind chutney & spicy chickpea noodles
  • Butter bean, cherry tomato & parsley healthpot – Butter beans, cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes, chopped shallots, parsley & white wine vinegar
  • Avocado, yuzu & edamame bean healthpot – Avocado, edamame & red quinoa with a yuzu dressing of soy sauce, rice vinegar & yuzu juice
  • Super greens soup – Peas, leeks, broccoli, courgette, edamame, kale & spinach

Snacks & sweet treats

  • Carrot cake energy balls – Carrot, gluten free oats, walnuts, pecans, dates, sultanas & cinnamon
  • Cacao & hazelnut energy balls – Cacao, almonds, hazelnuts & dates
  • Almond butter & Bulletproof™ XCT oil Power Balls – Almonds, almond butter, bulletproof™ XCT coconut oil, desiccated coconut, dates, chia seeds & vanilla essence
  • Veganaires shortbread bites – Cashew shortbread, date caramel & refined sugar free dark chocolate
  • Raw fruity flapjack – Gluten free oats, seeds, banana, dates, cranberries, almond butter, sultanas & goji berries
  • Raw nutty flapjack – Gluten free oats, banana, nuts, almond butter & maple syrup
  • Key lime pie – Raw, vegan key lime pie made with avocado & lime on a cacao, walnut & coconut crumb
  • Banoffee pot – Raw, vegan banoffee made with banana, dates & almond butter on a pecan & almond crumb
  • Choc avo mousse – Raw, vegan mousse made with cacao, avocado, dates & agave
  • Spicy boost Crussh snack bag – Spicy roasted chickpeas, giant spicy corn, salted roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Protein nut mix Crussh snack bag – Peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts
  • Antioxidant treat Crussh snack bag – Cranberries, almonds, goji berries, blueberries, dark chocolate buttons


  • ENERGISER JUICE – Apple, Carrot, Ginger
  • PURIFIER JUICE – Apple, Carrot, Celery, Strawberries, Raspberries, Ginger
  • BEAUTIFUL BEETS JUICE – Carrot, Apple, Beetroot, Lemon
  • GREEN GODDESS JUICE – Pear, Apple, Spinach, Cucumber, Kiwi, Celery, Lime
  • LEAN GREEN JUICE – Kale, Spinach, Kiwi, Pear, Pineapple, Apple
  • VEGGIE GREEN JUICE – Kale, Spinach, Ginger, Lime, Cucumber, Celery
  • TURMERIC ZING – Orange, Carrot, Lime
  • TURMERIC TONIC – Apple, Pear, Turmeric, Ginger
  • TURMERIC LATTE – Fresh Turmeric, Ginger, Almond drink, Agave, Cinnamon
  • FRESH MINT & LEMON CLEANSER – Fresh mint & lemon
  • BERRY SUPER WARRIOR PROTEIN SHAKE – Almond milk, vanilla plant protein, strawberries, blueberries, banana, flaxseeds
  • CHOCCO NUTTER PROTEIN SHAKE – Almond milk, chocolate plant protein, banana, almond butter
  • INCREDIBLE BULK PROTEIN SHAKE – Coconut milk, vanilla plant protein, spinach, pineapple, banana
  • PURE PROTEIN SHAKE – Almond milk, your choice of protein (choc or vanilla)
  • BRILLIANT BEETS COLD PRESS JUICE – Apple, beetroot, lemon, ginger
  • TURMERIC ZING COLD PRESS JUICE – Apple, carrot, ginger, lemon, turmeric
  • OH MY GREENS COLD PRESS JUICE – Coconut water, cucumber, leafy greens, mint
  • IMMUNITY SHOT – Lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne
  • ACV SHOT – Apple, apple cider vinegar, thyme, ginger, agave, lemon

This information is accurate on 2/12/20.

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